K-1 MYTHOS – racing kayak

K-1 MYTHOS – racing kayak

Celebrating traditions

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Hungarian Canoe Federation, we created MYTHOS in 2016, which combines 30 years of boat building experience and modern technology.

The further developed Orca kayak, has got a slightly banana hull, which helps the boat rise at the start.

We pay tribute to HODY’s 75 years in boat building.

Here, you will find the boat that matches your style and paddling technique the best!

It is sold in Basic, Plus, Extra, Premium and Marathon design, just pick your own!

Materials and technology used:
Fiberglass / sphere core sandwich structure / polyester resin / manual lamination.

The BASIC design is the reliable basic option, if you are looking for quality mini or racing boats for your club with a good price-quality ratio.

Materials and technology used:
Bottom of the boat: carbon kevlar / carbon sandwich structure, deck’s fiberglass sandwich structure: vinyl ester resin / manual lamination / vacuum technology.

The PLUS design is mainly recommended for junior athletes. But it is also a great choice, if you need a high quality mini or touring boat for the best price.

Materials and technology used:
Carbon sandwich structure / vinyl ester resin / vacuum injection. In case of the EXTRA design, you can go for the see-through gel layer for a carbon style boat.

The EXTRA HODY model is popular among those racers and private people who are looking for a professional racing boat.

Materials and technology used:
Carbon / honeycomb / vinyl ester resin / vacuum technology.

Are you ready to win? The PREMIUM design is the best possible choice for racers, due to its layers of carbon and honeycomb that guarantee extraordinary rigidity.

Materials and technology used:
Unique carbon material / sandwich material / vinyl ester resin / vacuum technology.

Do you need the perfect boat for marathons and long-distance races? Due to its special material used, the MARATHON design is such a light-weight construction which remains rigid and durable at the same time.

Experience the myths!


Length (cm)

520 520

Width (cm)

44 42

Cockpit Length (cm)

92 92

Cockpit Width (cm)

39 40

Weight (kg)

8-12 8-12

Paddler’s weight (kg)

50-65 65-80

Stability (1-5)

2 2

Our boats meet the standards of the kayak-canoe sport

Our standardised types of boats (e.g.: racing kayaks and canoes, training vessels) and training vessels (MK-1, MK-2, MK-4, MC-1) meet the respective and relevant local and International ICF regulations and the strict requirements of the Hungarian Canoe Federation.

Your HODY boat is made individually only for you

We do not keep boats on stock, every single order is individually produced based on your choice of colour, design and also the accessories and how you want them made.

Available colours

The most popular colourants are kept on stock, should you chose from these options, your boat will be delivered in no time.

Please note, that should your computer not have accurate colouring, the shade and brightness of the colours and the original RAL colours may vary. (The same is true for colours in print.) In this case, you can choose your shade of colour using RAL colour sample cards.



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Beatrix Varga-Hódy
+36 70 340 4402

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Maintenance rules:

Please follow below rules to keep your boat in perfect condition:

  • avoid direct impact with hard objects which can dent your boat
  • do not tie the boat directly on metal racks and do not tie it too hard
  • do not put the boat on the sun for long time
  • make the boat dry before putting it into cover for storage or transport
  • repair your boat only by professional staff