We have been recognized

The International Canoe Federation’s (ICF) recognition letter

The International Federation expressed their appreciation in a letter towards the innovative boats of HODY in 2014. The boats had significantly contributed to the success of the Hungarian kayak-canoe sport. The Federation also highlighted that the MK-4, four-person mini kayak is unique in the world.

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The Hungarian Canoe Federation’s (MKKSZ) recognition letter

The Hungarian Federation emphasized in their letter in 2015 that MK-4 is one of a kind in the world. MKKSZ had also expressed their awe towards the Hódy family saying: „You are being awed for your commitment to kayak-canoe sport and the athletes worldwide.”

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The Serbian Canoe Federation’s recognition letter

The Serbian Federation expressed their appreciation in a letter in 2015 towards the manufacturer of Hody boats and to the Hódy family, emphasizing the significance of the MK-4.

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The Hungarikum Association’s supporting statement

HODY’s „world-famous boat building activity that has been going on for generations” is a potential candidate for the Hungarikum. According to the Hungarikum Association’s letter, HODY represents eminent Hungarian values.

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Award for the designer of the winning kayak

We received the award for designing the winning boat of an important UK competition in 2009.

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Our customers and resellers said about us

I would like to share my thoughts on the activity of Hody Team.
The success of Hungarian Kayak and Canoe has always been built on the strong basis of extraordinary expertise of Hungarian boat and paddler producers.
The Hódy Plant is still building its activity on the expertise of a traditional boat builder, namely Jüling Rudolf (the father of Hódy Ágnes).
Boat builders always played an important role in our successes in the past as Hody does today for this generation. Hody boats represent outstanding service and quality whilst their price is affordable. One of their unique innovation is the MK-4 that no one could manufacture before. As for the quality, it is enough to mention that Knut Holmann won two gold medals in Hody boat at the Sydney Olympic Games. Thousands of young and adult, amateur and professional kayakers and canoers use Hody boats for their training, during racing and for fun as well.

I wish the best for Hódy Family and hope that they continue to provide this outstanding performance on a national and on international level as well. Their role in the Hungarian Kayak-Canoe is undisputable.

Tamás Wichmann 

Nine-time canoe World Champion, three-time European Champion, two-time Olympic runner-up, one-time Olympic bronze medalist, thirty-seven-time Hungarian champion.

Shortly after I started coaching in Canada in 1987, I recognized the needs of good quality boats by the local canoe clubs.
Therefore I started exporting boats from Hungary in 1991, and I am the Canadian Dealer for Hodysport in the last twenty years.
Reflecting back to this time, it seems to me that my relationship with the Hody family was always more a friend kind than a businesslike type.
The Hody boats are made on world class level, both the successful high-level racing “Orka” family and the popular Mini boat series. These latest boats are designed to serve the clubs grassroots level teaching and athlete development functions.
The high quality and carefully designed boats are aesthetic looking, and the prices are more affordable than many of the other companies.
This is proof for me that for the Hodys, not the high profit is the main and most important driving force, but the love of the canoe sport and to serve its development and future. I have a similar motivation in this aspect, and perhaps this common attitude is the reason for our long-term good cooperation.

Tamás Buday

Hody dealer
Olympic medalist and 4x World Champion

About Hody boats:
My young coachees have been using racing kayaks, made in Kálmán Hódy’s workshop, successfully on Lake Velence for two decades now. The K1 Orca, K1 Mythos, K2 Orca boats have won several races at Hungarian Championships and at the Olympic Hopes Regatta. The boats run perfectly and move efficiently on water.
The MK4 four-person kayak has revolutionized the development of Hungarian racing boat production for the young athletes. The unique mini size of the boat makes practising teamwork easier. I am incredibly happy that the old favourite, the eskimo boat for kids, has been revived, using modern technology. The MK1 Dolphin, that is perfect for learning the basics, features great quality, sturdiness and long lifespan which makes it very practical for us. I’ve also bought Hódy MK1 Dolphin myself for my kids.

Ildikó Major

Kayak-canoe coach
Lake Velence Water Sport School

I first went to kayak when I was 9 years old. Besides the first few months of learning how to paddle, I have been using HODY boats. I started in a HODY owned by a club but I soon managed to convince my parents to buy me my very own HODY kayak. I can’t even imagine myself in any other boat. Since then, I have been lucky enough to get closer to the Hódy Family as well. They helped a lot during my training period not only by making all my wishes come true when it came to the boat but by being my friends all over the training weeks. With its stability and continuous presence in my life, Hódy has become a part of my family.

Anna Máró

European Championship – silver medalist, junior women K1 500 m

I use HODY kayaks for my athletes since 1997. The boats are absolutely reliable, durable and very well constructed. With these boats we won many Greek National gold and other medals and also my athletes were selected for the Greek National sprint Canoeing Team. Our latest achievement is that we took the title of the Champion Canoeing Club during the Greek National Sprint Canoeing Championship for 2019. Thank you HODY KAYAKS for helping us being the best !

Athanasios D. Villiotis

Canoeing Coach of Nautical Club “Saint Nicolas” of Gyala-Salamis GREECE, Champion Canoeing Club of GREECE during the Greek National Sprint Canoeing Championship for 2019.

In Sweden, I mediate purchases of kayaks, canoes, OC and more from HODY kayaks from Hungary. I have helped them in Sweden for about 10 years and have only good to say about them. Very good quality and with their accuracy the canoes are delivered safely
to Sweden. To date, about 15 Swedish canoe clubs have purchased HODY canoes and several of them have done it several times, so a total of about 40 kayaks in recent years to Swedish clubs. In addition, some racing kayaks to individual elite canoeists. A number of Swedish championship gold medalists have paddled in HODY canoes. You can get the canoe according to your own color and with some extra supplements such as adjustable footrests and a little bit more. The most popular model is the MK canoes and then
everything from MK 1 – MK 4, a very good youth kayak that also gets the leader in. The Swedish canoe association has bought 3 OC 1 for training for the Swedish national team in Drakbåt, also these very good.

Anders Velin

HODY representative in Sweden


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